Styling Your Home With Natalie Walton (Hint: You Can Use What You Already Have!)

Natalie Walton is an Interior Stylist, Designer, and Author who helps people to connect to ideas on how to live their best lives. Along with being a mum of four, she’s the founder of Imprint House; a design studio and online hub, has written and produced two amazing books, Still: The Slow Home and This is Home: The Art of Simple Living, and hosts the podcast Imprint.

This week, as part of our C+G Instagram LIVE sessions we sat down Natalie to talk about all things interiors. For those of you who missed it, we wanted to share some of her insights on how to create and style the perfect home while in isolation.

Develop A Sense Of Style

Instead of creating a ‘look’ at home, use your values as a guide to evolve a sense of style. When we let our values guide us, a visual voice emerges that’s fluid and permeable.

Focus On Story

If our home can be anything we want it to be, are we happy with what we have created? Does it tell our story? Homes feel genuine when we focus on what we value.

Manage Priorities

How do we spend our time? Are we placing our most important tasks first – the ones that matter the most to our happiness and sense of wellbeing?

Elevate Function

Homes can’t be designed with a one-size-fits-all approach. We need to integrate the way we live into our spaces. Homes should enhance our every day, through the way they function and feel.

Create True Beauty

The beauty of a home should be more than skin deep. It needs to be authentic and possess inner confidence and truth rather than mere show and bravado.

Appeal To The Sense

We often overlook our senses when making decisions in relation to our homes. But they can evoke strong feelings. Design and emotion are intricately linked.

Connect To The Surrounding Spaces

Where we dwell is one part of where we live. Every day there is often some sort of journey through our surrounding environment. When we take the time to connect with it, our lives become richer.

Stay Focused

We create a home to enhance our lives every day, but over time our needs and tastes change. When we focus on what makes us happy at home, we can create a space that is both malleable and consistent.

Be Adaptable

Homes are living spaces, always in a state of flux. When they evolve alongside us, we create a space rich in beauty that has been formed through the layers of life.

Nurture Yourself

We spend a lot of time and attention on creating and changing spaces, but it is important to learn how to enjoy them. Our homes can function as a place to rest our bodies, rejoice in our relationships, and restore our values.

Head to Natalie’s website to learn more or pre-order her latest book Still: The Slow Home.