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Linen Beeding on Carlotta and Gee

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We’re thrilled to present our new shade for this summer season, Lake Blue. A visual rendering of the deep serenity and stillness of a blue water lake, our French linen bedding in this colour will give an air of quiet strength and comfort to your bedroom. In this landscape our bed is dressed with our newest Duvet Cover, Flat & Fitted in Lake Blue and European pillowcases in Pencil Stripes.

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We want to give you a sneak peak at another new shade, Pencil Stripes, which pairs beautifully with Lake Blue and will be launched by C + G in the coming days. You can match them with our wide range of existing colours to create even more combinations of premium, 100% natural linen.

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Duvet Cover, Flat & Fitted Carlotta and Gee

Luxury of linen: Sleep Easy

We take pride in our soft linen helping people sleep better, and wanted to share our top three tips to improve your sleep quality even further.

1. Stick to a schedule: Going to bed and waking up at roughly the same time each day is an essential long-term strategy for restful sleep.

2. Exercise: Regular physical activity has been shown to promote better sleep. So we recommend exercising daily, if you can, though not too close to bed time.

3. Create a restful environment: The ambience of your bedroom matters a lot when it comes to sleep. A cool, quite, and comfortable space really helps us drift off.

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