Floating on air: Sage Linen Bedding

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As the name suggests, Sage is synonymous with wisdom and experience. The cool, soft, and greyish-green colour exudes calmness to the surroundings, almost like bringing your garden into the bedroom. Combined with our linen’s super soft texture, it guarantees an utterly restful sleep.

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Sage provides harmony and balance to your personal spaces. It matches well with muted shades like Sand, Pencil-Stripes, or Pale Pink, depending on your mood and room’s décor. C + G has a wide array of hues to choose from, so you can mix and match to personalise your Sage story.

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Our Commitment: Sustainability & Transparency

The natural quality of Sage is an apt reflection of our proud commitment to protecting the environment and sustainable business practices. All of our linen is made from 100% naturally grown Flax from Europe, free from chemical fertilizers or pesticides, meaning no harmful side- effects for your skin. We have multiple international certifications to prove this, and encourage you to learn more about them on the C + G website.

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