How To Wash, Care and Store Linen Bedding

Sunday is the perfect day for washing the linen hence why we wanted to give you a sneak peek into C+G washing linen tips. We want to make washing bedding fun rather than a chore so we have decided to write this week’s Journal around washing, storing and caring for your linen. There are some old wives tales out there around linen care, however we wanted to keep it simple as washing doesn’t need to be hard.

Follow these tried-and-tested instructions and your bedding will last for years. Here are some simple tips we’ve learned along the way:


  • Linen is a fabric that actually gets softer and more luminous the more it's washed.
  • It isn’t mandatory, but it is always nice to wash your sheets prior to sleeping in them.
  • Wash linen in warm water on a gentle cycle with similar colours.
  • It’s best to dry your sheets naturally in a shady spot to ensure the sun doesn’t fade their hue.
  • No ironing is required and we recommend steering clear of the dryer, however, if it can’t be avoided then use a tumble dryer on a low setting (never hot).
  • Do not dry clean as the chemicals can weaken the flax fibres of linen. If you do want to use an iron it is best that it is on low heat and the linen is damp.
  • Do not leave wet sheets to dry on wood, as this could lead to stains. 
  • It’s important to never use harsh detergents or bleach, it leaves marks!
  • Remember C+G linen is stone-washed before it arrives to you, to ensure it is extra soft, but don’t be afraid of washing it too much, the more you wash your sheets, the softer they’ll become! 


  • Keep your linen in a dry, dark cupboard all neatly folded away from direct sunlight where the colour and type are clearly shown.
  • We recommend using our C+G linen bags (your linen will arrive to you in one) so it’s easy to grab and they remain protected.
  • Organise by colour: we keep our neutrals combos together and then the brighter shades together.
  • Organise by type: we separate our pillowcases from our sheets and duvet covers so every piece is easy to find when next making your bed.


  • Change your sheets regularly - we like to do this every Sunday to ensure our weeks start off fresh.
  • Avoid direct contact with cosmetics or skincare products as this might stain or leave marks on your brand new sheets.
  • Linen is a natural fibre natural, and so it’s best to avoid anything really sharp near it such as metal hooks or earrings.


  • Launder any stains when fresh.
  • Use a linen spray between washes to keep linen fresh.
  • If your linen is white, dry them in the sun and avoid bleaching.
  • Always dry coloured linen in a shady spot to avoid natural bleaching by the sun.