How To Create A Sleep Routine For Your Baby

Certified pre-baby-toddler Sleep Consultant Francesca Kendall from The Sleep Escape shares how to create the perfect sleep routine for your little ones.

Good Routine

Babies crave routine, and it allows them to acknowledge when it is time for sleep. Bath, feed, story, bed repeated every night going forward will make them feel safe and secure.

White Noise

Helps babies settle into a new sleep cycle, turns on their calming reflex, block out unwanted noise around the house, and it’s an ongoing positive sleep association that can be used for your babies' sleep indefinitely.

Total Darkness

Switches on melatonin (sleep hormone), turns off Cortisol (awake hormone), blocks out the light in the morning to stop early morning waking, and also creates an ongoing positive sleep association

Respect Nap Time

Once 4 months old, babies need at least 2 of their 3 naps at home for better overnight sleeping.


Always swaddle (if under 4-6 months and NOT rolling) and in a sleeping bag after this for all naps and overnight sleeping to create another positive cue for sleep.

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