Blog 1: Dreams


Carlotta and I often discuss our dreams. What happens in that moment when you sleep and begin dreaming about something? How can you bring that moment into your daily life?

More importantly, how does that dream become your reality?

When I think about these questions I believe the answers lie in visualising what you want daily and allowing the dreams to take form by sharing your dreams with those around you. Dreams can have the habit of becoming fuzzy, hazy and complicated and this is when they don't come true!

So, I want you to try this week. Just start!

Carlotta + Gee is a perfect example of a dream that then became a reality. Too often we say, “oh I’ll do that next week”, “I can never make that happen” or “it is too big of a job”. One thing leads to another, then it snowballs out of the realm of possibility. Flip this on its head and start taking action today, even if this means simply sharing your dreams. This mindset inspires others without you even realising. So, just do it - think differently and push boundaries, challenge your self to take action on your dreams today.  

And if you're scared, just look at us! Look how overcoming our fears have led us to some incredible successes in our journey so far. At Carlotta + Gee, we now have placed seven large orders with our supplier, our house has become our office - officially a ‘linen house’ - and we are in constant touch with media and stylists who are now contacting us (instead of us chasing them!), and most importantly, we are interacting with other passionate linen lovers.  

The final take-home is that if you start today with a clear goal, the small and consistent actions will start making your dreams come to life, you will start to make your dream a reality.

Remember that initial dream, don’t forget it, share it with someone - your barrister or your best friend, your lover or your confidant, even pen it down in your journal before bed – at least then, you can sleep and dream well.

Love Gee x